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Q.What does your app do?

A. Our app is used by businesses big and small alike to send feedback requests to customers. We do this primarily by letting businesses easily text and email their customers.

Q.How long is the commitment with Patient Flo?

A. Our service is month to month. No long term commitment.

Q.What if we already sent a customer an email and/or text message?

A. Our programming has a built in filter which prevents your customers from being bombarded with contacts.

Q.How many emails and text messages can we send per month?

A. Your account allows you unlimited emails and 1,000 text messages per month. For a small fee, additional messages can be allocated.

Q. Is there a way for my business to address bad reviews?

A. Yes! Patient Flo gives your patrons the option to contact your business before they leave their review. This gives you the opportunity to correct their experience and turn them into a 5 star customer.

Q.Are there other review sites besides Google & Yelp which we can use?

A. Patient Flo will be frequently adding new review platforms. Send us an email to let us know which review sites are most important to you.

Q.Does Patient Flo sell our customer information?

A. No. We respect the privacy of our users! How refreshing.

Q.I just got a low google or yelp review, what do I do?

A. While getting bad reviews is frustrating, most sites don't let you remove them. Patient Flo gives you the tools you need to increase your review flow and understand where you can improve. With enough positive reviews, they typically offset negative reviews in the eyes of the consumers.

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