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Our Story

Chats began while two neighbors were shoveling snow at their homes in Utah. Peter & Sean quickly realized that together they can offer the small business world a game-changing solution to growth. With a combination of differing experiences and talents, they built their vision, Request4Feedback.


Our Mission

We are here to help you make your best even better, AND we want everyone in your community to know about your business. In addition to giving you the opportunity to grow and improve, gathering online feedback also helps get your business recognized within your community. We love our customers, we love reviews, and we love when our customers get reviews. Bing. Bang. Boom.

Our Values

Integrity, simplicity, and transparency are three words that mean a lot to us at R4F. We live by them. And, by living them, we hope to offer you a five-star experience. A five-star experience is what we all strive for. As business owners we want to offer them, and as customers we want to receive them. Integrity, simplicity, and transparency birth these moments.

Our Team

Peter J. Drubin is an online marketing specialist that travels the country helping doctors and small business owners achieve growth by embracing change. He dominates branding & improving reputations, creating opportunities for businesses across all online and social platforms.

Sean McCaman is an engineering beast that speaks English and computer. His obsession with metrics and analytics allow him to help businesses identify, implement and capitalize on patterns and trends that many others would have glossed over.


Peter J. Drubin

Co-Founder & Marketing


Sean McCaman

Co-Founder & Engineering

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