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Patient Flo delivers earth-shattering services and opportunities for small business owners seeking online reviews and consumer insights.

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Feedback-driven growth is real

Positive feedback: boast it & post it. Negative feedback: take in & sharpen.

Giving your patrons an effortless, anonymous, and powerful way to be heard is THE most efficient way to gather useful, actionable feedback. Even negative feedback is a sign of interest. R4F ensures that positive reviews are seen, and allows you to address any negative feedback in real-time, before the rest of the world finds out.


Use our app to ask for the feedback you need via email and text

Consumers expectations are constantly evolving. Stay connected with what they want and when they want it. Get the information you need to always be one step ahead of the competition.

Powered By Emails & Text Messages

Reach your customers in the medium they see most. Using our text and email get the feedback you need to operate your business.

Get The Feedback You Need!

Consumers are ready and willing to give you feedback. How and when you ask improve the odds that it makes it back to you.

Track In Office Review Requests

In order to get feedback you have to ask. Our app shows you who is asking for feedback.

Monthly Commitment Only

You’re not trapped here. That said, we have a feeling you’ll stick around.

Digital Dashboard

Exciting enough to keep you clicking “refresh.” All. Day. Long.

Customer Service

Old school. Human-style.

Everyone Gets One Plan

We don’t get bogged down in complexity, and you shouldn’t either.
We offer 1 plan to keep it simple so we can focus on delivering the best quality product to you.

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  • Dashboards
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  • Personalized Emails and Texts
  • Custom Reporting Available
  • 20-Office User Accounts
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